Bayshore Pharmaceuticals service offering is diverse, which allows our clients to focus on what they do best.  Our turn-key service will take a concept from idea to launch.  We will also act as your distribution and commercialization channel, granting you instant access to our relationships that we have forged in the industry over the years.

Some of our service offerings include:

–          Portfolio Commercialization – Many of our clients are either CRO’s or CMO’s that have products they have developed or that they own, in need of commercialization.  These clients are faced with several complex barriers to entry from management of supply chain to developing customers and sales organizations.  Use Bayshore as an extension of your company, and a sales and marketing resource that can achieve instant distribution on any of your products, no matter the market.

–          Niche Customer Identification – Our clients understand that the classic wholesale/retail market presents the largest opportunity for wide-spread distribution.  What many do not understand is that by solely focusing on the classic distribution models, their products are not reaching a potentially large segment of the market.  Let Bayshore maximize your customer reach.

–          Turn-Key project management – Many of our clients have novel product ideas that fulfill a specific need not being fulfilled in the market today.  These clients come from both inside and outside of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry.  Some of our best clients, for example, work in distribution, but have never had experience with the process of developing a product from concept to launch.  We can put together all of the moving parts to make your concept a reality.